WebinarBest PracticesJune 5, 2017
How to Scale Your Customer Success Network by Aligning With Channel Partners Image

How to Scale Your Customer Success Network by Aligning With Channel Partners

The challenge of ensuring client and end-user outcomes is much, much tougher when you sell through the Channel. The business model is solid: Channel Partners drive new revenue at scale very effectively. But how do you protect that revenue when it comes time for renewal and upsell? In other words, how do you protect your customers, their ARR, and their outcomes in the Channel?

We’re so excited to present Jen Spencer, VP of Sales & Marketing at Allbound, joined by Karl Rumelhart, VP of Products at Gainsight. Together they represent the definitive authority on how to leverage best practices and cutting-edge technology to set your customers up for success through the Channel from your company’s very first outreach at the top of the funnel all the way through renewal and expansion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common hurdles facing Customer Success Managers when working with Channel Partners
  • How to align with Sales & Marketing to create effective operations that ensure healthy customers
  • How to structure your Partner relationships around positive, repeatable customer outcomes
  • How to capture and analyze data insights when you don’t have great access to customer usage information
  • Best practices including technology and tactics for running a world-class CSM org in the Channel
  • Much, much more

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