Workshop: Thinking through Process to Drive Impact with Gainsight

Virtual|August 4, 2021

Gainsight has teamed up with Winning by Design to walk you through actionable steps you can do as an organization to ensure you are getting the most out of Gainsight, by outlining your Customer Journey.

Technology is not a Customer Success strategy. This line of thinking has caused organizations around the world to be evaluating the impact of their Customer Success technology investments. However, Customer Success technology is critical in the scalability of your organization. So how do we fix this? By focusing on the key moments that drive impact across the journey and understanding what metrics are critical to track across the journey is a first step.

Details at a glance:
When: Wednesday, August 4 at 11am PT
Where: Zoom invite to follow
What we will cover:
- Defining Key Moments from onboarding, through adoption to retention/expansion
- Key metrics to track across the journey that drive impact
- How to think about Trigger plays and get customers back on track

Contact Info

Davielle Shorter | CS Operations | | Gainsight