Financial Services

Gainsight enables financial services companies to blend their quantitative and qualitative data to proactively mitigate risks and capitalize on expansion opportunities across their client base.

Improve Workflow and Standardize Key Processes

Gainsight triggers automated risk, opportunity, and event-driven notifications based on key client health indicators (e.g. credit limit thresholds, payment schedules, and portfolio reallocation opportunities).

  • Automated notifications triggered by customer behavior
  • Playbooks to drive consistency and efficiency
  • Success Plans to track customer objectives and demonstrate value

Report from a Single Source of Truth

Gainsight consolidates disparate client data, including portfolio allocation, transaction history, payment schedules, credit capacity, support inquiries, and survey responses to a centralized location. Gainsight provides Account Managers with:

  • Dynamic health scoring by operationalizing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Customized dashboards to track key client trends and health scores
  • Streamlined preparation for customer meetings

Scale Account Management Operations

Gainsight increases team productivity and efficiency by automating client outreach and interactions based on relevant client data, including their product suite, transaction history, support requests, marketing engagement, and survey results. Gainsight enables Account Management teams to scale operations via:

  • Collaborative playbooks to respond to customer risks and opportunities
  • Automated emails triggered on customer behavior or events
  • Personalized content to drive customer engagement at scale

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