Congratulations again to our 2022 US Award winners!

Are You a GameChanger?

The GameChanger Awards recognise and celebrate customers who leverage Gainsight products to change the game of Customers, Product Experience, and Community. These leaders make an undeniable difference for their customers, teammates, and partners. A GameChanger is intuitive, always authentic, never stops challenging the status quo, and just might have superpowers. Sound like you? We thought so!

Nominations close on 7th October. Are You a GameChanger?

Submission of your nomination is agreement to work with Gainsight on a Case Study, approval for use of logo and name on websites and press releases.

The GameChanger Award Categories & Descriptions


The Experience Maker is hyper-focused on improving the experience of their customers and personalizing relationships at scale. How have you been able to harness the power of Gainsight to better leverage analytics, surveys, playbooks, journey orchestrator, and more to align and coordinate your organization around your customers? Please share examples.
2021 Winner: Sonatype


The real secret of customer-centric organizations is their ability to build deep partnerships that span organizational boundaries. How have you brought together teams like Customer Success, Sales, Product, and Marketing to create deeper customer relationships? Please share your collective strategy, shared goals, and any technology leveraged.
2021 Winner: PTC


The Architect thinks outside the box when it comes to building the best community for their users. You are knowledgeable about creating a community that is of help across an entire customer journey, and also know how to create personal 1-on-1 relationships with your customers. Please share examples on how you have built a community to create a better user experience for your customers.


How has Gainsight helped future-proof your business? Describe the impact Gainsight has had on your team’s ability to identify areas of risk to increase your product adoption, improve retention, accelerate expansion, and decrease churn. Please include metrics.
2021 Winner: SAP Concur


Share how you (or someone else on your team) has driven material change in your organization by transforming customer success and product experience into a key driver of growth by leveraging Gainsight.
2021 Winner: Software AG


Award submissions are open to all Gainsight customers. Nominations close on 7th October, 2022.


Your results must have been achieved between September 2021 and September 2022.

Submissions must include substantial quantitative and qualitative results.

Please submit as a Microsoft Word .DOC or Adobe .PDF, including any supporting screenshots or data.

For the best chance of winning, we encourage submissions to be as thoughtful and detailed as possible.

Submission of your nomination is agreement to work with Gainsight on a Case Study, including name and logo approval on websites and press releases.

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