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Keith Nealon, CEO of Bazaarvoice Brings in Best Practices of Customer Centricity with the Help of Gainsight Image

Keith Nealon, CEO of Bazaarvoice Brings in Best Practices of Customer Centricity with the Help of Gainsight

Gainsight and BazaarVoice have a long history together. Since 2013, BazaarVoice has been using Gainsight’s platform to gain insight into customer health and improve customer experience. BazaarVoice was one of the first software companies to embrace customer success ideology and practices. Recently, Keith Nealon, the new CEO of Bazaarvoice, sat with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. They discussed how Keith focuses on BazaarVoice’s customer success while improving product functionality and being the best at what they already do. Settling for being good doesn’t quite cut it. This is especially true when you have a great cloud platform. That is the case for Bazaarvoice, a comprehensive ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and user-generated content platform that harnesses the voice of the consumer to improve a brands product innovation and sales. The First 90 Days Keith has been at Bazaarvoice for a short amount of time. The first 90 days are always a challenge for any business leader to transition into a new company. For Keith, he had the extra burden of landing with COVID-19. “If you think about my journey at Bazaarvoice, I started here with the usual 90 days new CEO ramp. I made it to day 80, was […]

8 min readSeptember 21, 2020
Announcing the 2020 GameChanger Award Winners Image

Announcing the 2020 GameChanger Award Winners

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…AND THE 2020 GAMECHANGER AWARD WINNERS ARE…  First and foremost, for everyone who joined us online last week for the absolutely unprecedented Pulse Everywhere. We were completely blown away not only by the attendance but of the engagement and palpable energy that came to life in this virtual experience. While we didn’t have 22,000  people in one room together – we all came together.  If you watched Nick’s Keynote, you heard him talk about coming together and being stronger together as a community. That’s what our GameChanger Community is all about—creating success for all Gainsight customers. Collectively we can inspire and push each other to new heights, learn and grow together, and connect from anywhere. The dictionary definition of a GameChanger is an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. Being a Gainsight customer by our definition means you are a GameChanger. It’s been a remarkable year, to say the least, and we have been in awe to see how our customers have switched up familiar landscapes and shifted the status quo way things have always been done and thought about.  We are honored that our […]

8 min readMay 20, 2020
Customer Visibility Drives Success For Plex Systems Image

Customer Visibility Drives Success For Plex Systems

Sanders Slavens, Plex’s VP of Customer Success, sat with Gainsight’s CEO, Nick Mehta, and CCO, Ashvin Vaidyanathan, to discuss their progress in reducing friction and raising customer visibility through their implementation process. When Sanders joined, he built a CS organization with team members who had various technical backgrounds and skills for different initiatives. That included Eric Mohamed, a Gainsight trained CSM who has a specialty in implementation. Sanders explained to Nick and Ashvin how and why they adopted Gainsight: its tools, customer-centric ideology, and methodologies. “It’s all about implementation, governance, and assurance,” said Eric Mohamed, a CSM with Plex Systems. We love to hear how companies are using our tools, implementing customer success processes to improve efficiency, enrich customer experience and relationships, and create retention through value. But what is more exciting is that customer success is finding a home in the industrial manufacturing fields with companies like Plex. Who is Plex Systems? Plex Systems, Inc.® delivers the first smart manufacturing platform that empowers innovators to make awesome products. Built in the cloud, the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform connects people, systems, machines, and supply chains; automates processes; tracks shop floor and top floor data; and delivers analytics for unmatched visibility, […]

8 min readSeptember 21, 2020
Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Lorna Henri Tackles Technical CS At Scale Image

Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Lorna Henri Tackles Technical CS At Scale

Welcome to our Change the Game in 5 minutes Series. Today I’m chatting with Lorna Henri, a customer success trailblazer and Global Vice President of CS, TAM, and Support at Mapbox. I wanted to talk with Lorna about hiring rockstar CSM and TAMs who are personable enough to build relationships and technical enough to know the product inside and out. After all, isn’t that every CS leader’s dream? Nick: Hi Lorna! I can’t wait to pick your brain about creating CS success. But let’s kick things off with this question: In an alternate universe, what would be your chosen career?  Lorna: Good question! I’d be a teacher. Teaching offers a great combination of constantly learning and interacting with people from different backgrounds. For me, the intersection of those two areas is really satisfying. Nick: I think that might explain how you ended up in customer success! Now, let’s dig in. Why did you need to change the game?  Lorna: Mapbox had grown to a certain level and was starting to attract and sell to larger and larger customers. The core user of Mapbox is often a highly technical developer, and Mapbox has phenomenal documentation. That all leads to a lot […]

7 min readJune 17, 2020
Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus Will Change Your Mind About Partnering Marketing With Customer Success Image

Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus Will Change Your Mind About Partnering Marketing With Customer Success

It is rare for a company to create a new category and build a complimenting and innovative software. Gainsight is part of those unique breeds of businesses that have accomplished this by helping create the category of customer success, and the solution—Gainsight CS. Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, is always looking for companies constructing a new category and leading their vertical. One such company is Terminus. Terminus is an end-to-end account-based marketing platform (ABM) used by the world’s largest and most successful companies. It began the account-based movement in 2014 to help its customers transform B2B marketing. They empowered marketing teams to harness their resources while concentrating on sales by focusing on customers that were the “right fit.” That meant customers who were most likely to buy segments of their addressable market. By doing so, marketing teams could drive quality growth by producing, promoting, and measuring scalable account-based initiatives. Like Gainsight and CS, Terminus is turning the world of marketing upside down. Why? Because ABM is marketing with a CS twist. Marketing to “best fit” customers aligns with one of the Ten Pillars of Customer Success: Sell to the Right Customer. Watching with excitement, Nick was compelled to reach out […]

7 min readOctober 15, 2020
Change the Game in 5 Minutes: How Doug Hooton Deals With Disruption Image

Change the Game in 5 Minutes: How Doug Hooton Deals With Disruption

Welcome to our Change the Game in 5 minutes Series. Today, I’m chatting with Doug Hooton, Vice President of Customer Success at OneCause, a SaaS solution that helps nonprofit organizations engage donors and raise more money for their missions. There are many reasons why I want to talk with Doug, starting with the fact that he’s one of the longest-serving customer success leaders I know—he’s been doing it since long before it was called customer success! Doug has firsthand experience leading a company through a transition. OneCause, formerly BidPal, revolutionized charitable fundraising with the launch of their mobile bidding solution in 2008, helping nonprofits replace manual giving and raise more revenue through technology. More than a decade later, OneCause has gone from market pioneer to industry leader, transforming its business into a SaaS scale-up offering multiple fundraising solutions for its customers. OneCause encompasses a wide variety of fundraising solutions today, including online giving, peer-to-peer and virtual challenges, mobile bidding and auctions, and text2give donations. Doug knows what it takes to respond to industry disruption—and how to emerge better positioned for success than ever. Nick: Doug, it’s great to be talking with you today. Before I ask you about your experiences […]

8 min readJune 18, 2020