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Gainsight brings consistency and insights to call center Customer Success

Gainsight helps call center businesses and providers succeed by delivering real-time, accurate customer data.

Gainsight Customer Case Study: Genesys

For over two decades, Genesys has provided call center technology to 5,000 customers of all sizes and powers 25 billion contact center interactions per year. When Genesys came to Gainsight, they needed to add consistency to their customer lifecycle, create a holistic view of their customer base, and find a way to communicate with customers at scale.

Genesys chose Gainsight because:

  • Customer Health Scorecards give Customer Success Managers (CSM) a clear view of data so they can easily spot at-risk customers
  • The Calls-to-Action feature allowed Genesys to operationalize their customer lifecycle
  • Playbooks allowed them to streamline best practices and create consistency
  • They can send engaging automated email outreaches in the form of a branded Customer Success Digest and measure customer engagement on every email campaign

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