Gainsight Glossary

Customer Engagement Companies

In subscription economy, relevant customer engagement is imperative to retain existing customers. With customer engagement, companies can build healthy and productive customer relationships that eventually contribute towards improved sales and profits.

Gainsight looks at customer engagement as a long term positive interaction that persuades customers to stay with the company and not to defect. Gainsight knows that through customer engagement, companies can provide real value to customers in terms of customer experience, content or customer support. Today’s customers want services on their terms and therefore prefer personalized interaction where they get effective solutions to their problems quickly. Below are some customer engagement tactics recommended by Gainsight.

  • Provide personalized content to capture customer attention
  • Measure accurate metrics and perform analytics to get to know customer needs and expectations
  • Initiate customized and customer focused social media campaigns
  • Provide excellent customer experience to nurture productive customer relationships
  • Identify trends and buying propensity

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