Gainsight Glossary

Customer Success Models

Customer Success departments play a crucial role in long-term revenue generation for the company. They are also responsible for retaining customers and generating predictable recurring revenue.

The success of these teams lies in clinching long-term deals and renewals. This improves overall product adoption and possibility of new deals, as well. Customer Success teams rely on hard facts and customer behavior trends to streamline their processes.

Gainsight is a customer success platform that facilitates customer retention by providing you with the necessary metrics and trend analysis. It provides early warnings and timely alerts about possible churn customers. Gainsight customer success model is unique because it identifies up-sell opportunities, as well. Using Gainsight, you can:

  • Identify product features that are actively used
  • Offer timely renewals
  • Improve the prospects of profitable recurring revenue
  • Ensure that the product team is able to make changes in product support and service based on product adoption statistics

everage Gainsight to improve close rates and reduce churn by over 50%. To learn more about Gainsight customer success models, request a demo today!

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