Gainsight Glossary

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A combination of market forces has converged to spark the rapid growth of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and broader Cloud Computing market. The growing interest in these “on-demand” service alternatives to traditional, on-premise applications and systems has also created greater customer satisfaction challenges for aspiring SaaS solution providers. These challenges include:

  • Rising user expectations regarding the features and functionality of today’s SaaS/Cloud solutions.
  • Intensifying competition from a myriad of startups and established players seeking a share of the widening marketplace.
  • Declining customer loyalty and lowering barriers to abandonment among users of today’s SaaS/Cloud solutions.

The economics of the SaaS/Cloud marketplace make it imperative that providers of these solutions increase customer satisfaction to maximize profitability and sustain their businesses.

Today’s leading CSM solutions provide a combination of monitoring and measurement tools to track customer preferences and provide your employees with insights about how to increase customer satisfaction. The right combination of features can give the user customer intelligence. The key features to achieve meaningful customer intelligence and increase customer satisfaction include:

  • Customer and Product Usage Monitoring
  • Adoption Monitoring
  • Relationship and Transactional Surveys
  • “At-Risk” Customer Mitigation Management
  • Churn Analytics
  • Revenue Health Performance
  • 360 Reporting and Visualization

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