Gainsight Glossary

Preventing Customer Churn

Reducing customer churn is a key business goal of every business today. Customers do not take snap decisions to stop using the product or service. They do that if they are unhappy with the services that are offered or have had a bad customer experience. Companies that proactively address customer issues and meet the needs of the customers are able to prevent customer churn and improve customer acquisition.

Gainsight customer success module helps identify the customer behavior that offers insights with early-warning signs about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Key customer engagement behavior questions that can help you decide include:

  • Are customers actually using the product?

  • How much is the usage? Is it growing or decreasing?

  • How many users are being added or are churning?

  • What is each customer’s Net Promoter Score?

  • Is the customer reference-able?

  • Are bills being paid on time? Is there change in payment pattern?

  • Are customers using the product features?

If the trend is negative with the customer-engagement behavior, it’s a warning that your customers won’t renew. You need to take proactive measures to address the issues that are making the customer unhappy.

Churn is usually seen as a factor limiting growth, but the impact on customer lifetime value is more significant. Make customer success a priority to prevent customer churn. Partner with Gainsight to leverage customer intelligence and automation that proactively improves retention, prevents unexpected churn and identifies up-sell opportunities. Call us to schedule a demo today!

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