Gainsight Glossary

Ways Reduce Churn

The highest marketing priority in today’s competitive environment is churn reduction. The high churn rate or attrition rate is damaging for any business. Companies, therefore, must employ effective ways to reduce churn.

Gainsight, a customer success management company, understands the importance of reducing churn to achieve the business objectives of ensuring customer success and sustained revenue growth. Customers are the lifeblood of every business and losing customers to competitors seals the fate of every company. Gainsight prevents such a situation from emerging by exploring different ways to reduce churn.

Gainsight’s churn reduction strategies include:

  • Targeting and attracting right customers
  • Constantly adding value around product or service offerings
  • Tracking and analyzing customer behavior and interactions to improve customer service
  • Ensuring an engaging and personalized customer experience
  • Tracking and measuring metrics to identify ‘at risk’ customers
  • Ensuring customer success at every stage of their lifecycle
  • Leverages customer intelligence and automation to reduce churn, manage retention and explore opportunities

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