Gainsight Glossary

What Is Customer Management Process

Customer experiences have a massive impact on companies performance as a whole. Analyzing and improving customer-centric processes to gain effectiveness and efficiency within the commercial organization is vital in today’s competitive business environment. Your customer management process must place the customer in a central position when rethinking business processes. Gain better sight to improve customer contact processes and internal workflows with Gainsight.

Gainsight, one of the best complete Customer Success Management solution, proactively manages customer retention and enhances your customer management process by providing a comprehensive view of customer health and trends. Drive Customer Success, increase up-sell and reduce churn rates with Gainsight. Gainsight’s SaaS suite integrates with Salesforce and utilizes Big Data analytics to efficiently analyze all sources of customer intelligence like sales data, usage logs, support tickets, surveys, etc. Get a complete view of customer information and improve retention across Customer Success, sales, marketing, product management and more.

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