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What Is Increase Customer Retention

Increase customer retention rates with Gainsight’s powerful solution

With the rise of the subscription model, B2B businesses are shifting their focus onto ways they can increase customer retention and reduce churn. Successful customer retention relies on a satisfactory customer experience, which needs to be proactively delivered by the service provider. Here are some ways you can increase your customer retention rates:

  • Know your customer lifecycle. Send outreaches at key milestones in the customer journey, such as upon completion of onboarding, to get a feel for a customer’s sentiment and confidence with your product. Then, provide them with the appropriate resources or service to get them engaged and finding value from your product.
  • Close the loop on customer feedback. Address negative feedback promptly to solve the problem and make a good impression. Nurture happy customers into advocates.
  • Monitor customer health scores. This provides an important view of real-time customer health based on product usage and survey results. React quickly to dips in health scores to right them.
  • Don’t overpromise during the sales process. When a customer signs their contract under the impression that your product will deliver results it’s not built to deliver, they get disappointed. This makes them very likely to churn. Work with your Sales team to determine what constitutes a “good fit” for your product and focus on those prospects.
  • Create a plan for success and see it through. Collaborate with your clients on their desired goals and create a plan of action. Identify key account holders so you can assign accountability and check with them regularly.

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