Gainsight Glossary

Product Experience Management

What is product experience management?

Product experience management is a customer-specific strategy to deliver the right features, content and functionality to a customer over time to drive loyalty, satisfaction and add-on sales.

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving and customers are constantly barraged with offers to try different solutions to their challenges, product experience management gives your brand a mechanism to stay ahead of the competition. Also referred to as PXM, product experience management provides a structure from which to standardize and optimize every aspect of your product to help ensure potential customers have the information about your product at the right time.

And for those already on board as customers, PXM helps SaaS companies proactively resolve problems that may negatively impact their experience while also supplying the data needed to act on opportunities to enhance the overall product.

Why is product experience management important?

A customer cannot have a great overall impression of a brand without having a great experience with their products. In order to meet this expectation, brands need to have information about what their customers need the product to deliver, how well the product is meeting those expectations and what else could be done to create a compelling product experience for the long term.

In other words, product experience management thinks about the user experience holistically. Beginning with the information that customers early in their journey may need as they start their research, continuing with the compelling story and imagery of sales information and through to delivering the functionally promised in a sleek interface, PXM curates that whole process.

In return, the right customers receive the information they need to learn about your product, recognize the value your product delivers and are onboarded into a product that meets their needs.

What are some benefits of product experience management?

As with most things in life, your product cannot be everything to every customer all the time. Fortunately, if you understand your customers and what they are looking for, you can shape the interactions and experiences they have with your brand and deliver the features they need within your product so that they become loyal, longtime customers. While this seems like a lot to juggle, product experience software specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies are prebuilt with the tools you need to get started.

So what else can product experience management do for your B2B SaaS company? It can:

  • Help highlight and organize the product information your potential customers need in the channels most likely to reach them.
  • Prioritize and roll out features and upgrades that potential customers want and current users ask for.
  • Track improvements in overall user experience.
  • Identify opportunities to increase conversions and reduce churn.
  • Drive brand awareness supported by consistent messaging.

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