Gainsight Glossary

What is Recurring Revenue?

Recurring revenue is an income model that describes regular payments over time for a service or subscription, as opposed to a one-payment payment for a discrete item.

Examples of Recurring Revenue:

  • Monthly payments to rent an apartment
  • A magazine subscription
  • Payments for household utilities
  • Monthly subscription fees for a SaaS or other service

This model is especially important for SaaS companies, which typically receive 100% of their incomes from recurring revenue.

The Gainsight customer success platform helps to maintain and increase recurring revenue by collecting and organizing all information about customers, including if and how they use products and services. Gainsight can:

  • Identify specific product features that need customizations
  • Improve customer satisfaction ratings
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve the ability to identify up-sell opportunities
  • Derive success metrics

Gainsight’s customer intelligence increases customer retention and reduces churn, thereby supporting recurring revenue.

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