Optimize your channel's success to deliver real, measurable outcomes


Allbound’s partner relationship management (PRM) enables you to automate partner training; manage leads, opportunities, & MDF; co-brand; and gain visibility into what’s working while integrating with your favorite tools.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.
The results-driven ingenuity of Allbound’s next generation platform and our proven track record of helping channel leaders reach their goals quarter-after-quarter, year-after-year, is what’s earned Allbound our reputation as the industry’s leader in PRM.

With seamless integrations to Gainsight and your existing technology stack, painless onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can rest assured that the people, processes and technology driving your channel’s success are optimized to deliver real, measurable outcomes. That’s the Allbound way. A way you – and your partners – can be proud of.

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