Put Net Revenue Retention on Autopilot


The integration of and Gainsight is a game-changer for your customer success program. With these two solutions working together, you can easily manage customer segments, personas, and user behavior, ensuring your customer success program is tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

With and Gainsight, you can engage and influence executives and users to drive customer growth. Say goodbye to churn and hello to success with and Gainsight!

To get started, get the Access Key and your Subdomain from Gainsight and follow the steps in the cast designer.

  1. Create a Gainsight Data Source (1 min)
  2. Create one or more Gainsight Datasets using JSON to fetch data from Gainsight API (~ 5-7 min)
  3. Configure Data Transformations, including cleanup, if needed, using the built-in SQL editor (~ 10 min) will generate personalized content and actionable recommendations perpetually for all personas for all segments and customers that may be delivered in your app to active users and via email or text to inactive users and executives.

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