Pull Zendesk Tickets, Organizations, Users, and Brands to Gainsight


Zendesk’s support ticketing system is designed to help track, prioritize, and solve customer support interactions. It helps you nurture your customer relationships with personalized, responsive support across any channel.

Gainsight integration with Zendesk allows you to pull Zendesk Tickets, Organizations, Users, and Brands to Gainsight. Once Zendesk data is pulled, admins can generate strategic reports on these objects, trigger health scores based on support data, and more.

Additionally, this integration allows Zendesk users to access Gainsight data through the Gainsight widget in Zendesk. After creating a Zendesk connection in Gainsight, you can install the Gainsight widget in Zendesk to view the Gainsight data. For more information, refer to the Gainsight widget in Zendesk in the Additional Resources section at the end of this article.

Benefits of the integration

  • Seeing the full picture of Customer Success with Zendesk data in Gainsight.
  • After enabling Gainsight widget, you can coordinate across Customer Success and Support Teams by creating and linking Call to Actions (CTA) to Zendesk tickets from the Gainsight widget.
  • Syncing data like tickets created along with their status and priority, is crucial for understanding the health of your customers in Gainsight.


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