On-Premise Software

Gainsight helps On-Premise Software companies achieve their goals by delivering a complete view of customer health and automated workflows to manage the customer lifecycle.

Automate Customer Operations

Gainsight increases productivity by streamlining the management of customer relationships. Customer Success and Account Management teams can take action with:

  • Collaborative playbooks to respond to customer risks and opportunities
  • Automated emails triggered by customer behavior or events
  • Personalized content to drive customer engagement at scale

Monitor Subscription and Maintenance Renewals

Gainsight tracks and reports key events throughout the customer lifecycle, enabling On-Premise Software companies to increase the likelihood of contract renewal and identify opportunities to up-sell existing customers to premium services. Gainsight supports Account Management teams with:

  • Automated notifications triggered by life cycle events
  • Playbooks to standardize and scale key processes
  • Success Plans to track customer goals and demonstrate value

Get a 360° View of Customers

Gainsight aggregates data about key drivers of customer health, including advocacy, payment history, survey responses, support cases, and other signals. CSMs, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Executives can easily prepare for customer interactions by leveraging:

  • A holistic view of previously disparate customer data
  • A single source of truth for customer health
  • Tools that enhance cross-functional visibility and drive action

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