Connected Meeting Notes software for Customer Success teams.

Hugo is connected meeting notes software, which means your meeting notes are connected with the people and tools in your organization and your customers.

We do this using over 20 integrations with the most-used apps at work, including your calendar. Because Hugo is calendar-centric, you can easily pull up notes by searching by contact, organization, date, or what was in the note. You don’t have to remember where anything is.

Day-to-day, companies like Slack, Spotify and Shopify use Hugo to collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time with teammates and customers. Create tasks in Trello. See the discussion thread in Slack, and sync to Salesforce — all directly from within your meeting note.

See how Hugo works

Key Hugo Features

  • 📝 Fast and powerful meeting agendas and notes
  • 💼 Free agenda template library
  • 👋 @mention to notify teammates
  • 💬 Auto-post notes to Slack
  • 🔄 Auto-sync notes to CRM records that match the meeting
  • 🚀 Create tasks and tickets for Jira and other systems from your notes
  • 🔎 Notes are automatically categorized for easy search

With Hugo, team and customer collaboration becomes easy. Connect your customer to the rest of your organization, pickup where others left off and turn meetings into the next interface for teamwork.