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Influitive's AdvocateHub helps brands engage customers to accelerate sales and increase customer value by discovering, nurturing and mobilizing their advocates.

Amplify your Advocacy efforts with Influitive.Influitive gives Customer Success teams a scalable way to continually build stronger relationships with hundreds or thousands of customers to drive long-term satisfaction and advocacy. Our integration with Gainsight helps CSMs gain added insights into their customers' overall engagement and satisfaction levels. Then, this data can be used to automatically serve up resources that will ensure their customers' continued success—or content that will help struggling accounts get back on the right path.

With this dynamic integration, Customer Success teams can:
-- Use Gainsight data to source potential advocates for their AdvocateHub program
-- Use changes in health score to automatically send helpful resources to at-risk accounts via the AdvocateHub
-- Automatically present high NPS scorers with opportunities to advocate for the company via the AdvocateHub
-- Adjust health scores based on advocacy activities