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The inSided platform gives Customer Success teams a scalable way to engage with their customers that drives customer satisfaction (CSAT scores), makes support more efficient, increases product adoption levels and positively influences customer retention. Scale your customer support and increase customer retention by offering quality customer self-service and advice in your product, powered by a best-practice knowledge base and expertise from your own user community.

inSided is a SaaS (cloud-hosted) self service platform that has partnered with 100+ companies to revolutionize online self-service through community building and modern knowledge management. We live in a self-service world—your customers don’t want to contact your support staff for minor questions. inSided empowers your customers to get answers effortlessly themselves.

inSided’s community and knowledge base platform helps brands engage customers to effectively reduce support tickets by focusing on the right self-service content at the right time. Minimizing the time & effort your customer success team has to spend answering repeat questions - or reciting FAQ’s - and maximizing the time they can spend on valuable customer interactions.

inSided’s integration with Gainsight allows Customer Success teams to:

  • Enrich Gainsight or CRM data with community and customer support data and achieve a 360° customer view
  • Adjust health scores and churn prediction based on customer behaviour on the community or within your product itself
  • Proactively intervene with optimized, contextual support content at the very right moment Raise product adoption levels via high-quality content, proactive release information and custom onboarding flows
  • Gain customer insights from users and build better products
  • Transform your user community into a full-cycle learning experience