Pendo provides insight into usage of digital products to educate and guide users for greater product engagement, retention and growth.

Amplify your Product Adoption efforts with Pendo.

Customer success teams are often tasked with two important “initiatives.” First, retaining and growing the customer base. Second, onboarding customers to accelerate time to value. Gainsight and Pendo help customer success teams do these key jobs more effectively.

-- Jaine, a CSM at a SaaS company, needs to understand with greater confidence which customers are at risk of churning. By using Pendo, she now can see how often users in a particular account are engaged with the product, and specifically where users are finding value and frustration. By understanding product usage and sentiment, Jaine can better assess customer satisfaction and renewal risk. By passing these insights via an easy integration into Gainsight, she can now can set up workflows to alert her to take actions when certain product usage thresholds are not met.

-- Rina, a onboarding specialist at Fortune 100 software company, is tasked to onboard her company’s SMB customers. To ensure that it’s done effectively, she uses Pendo’s in-app guides to deliver an onboarding tour of the product. Additionally, she can automatically personalize the tour based on the user type and the customer profile. With Pendo, she’s able to create an intelligent, beautifully designed in-app onboarding experience right where users live inside the application, all without engineering resources. By creating these onboarding flows, she can now effectively onboard customers at scale. Finally, she can monitor the heartbeat of the customer with Pendo’s in-app NPS, combining this data with the Gainsight’s Voice of the Customer technology for a richer view of customer health at all times.

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