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ReferenceEdge is a 100% native Salesforce app, purpose-built to manage customer advocates and automate the customer reference process.

Amplify your Advocacy efforts with Point of Reference.

More than ever, the voice of your successful customers is critical to the growth of your business. When a customer is excited to share their success story on sales calls and via webinars, their value to your company increases tenfold. While the marketing team may be charged with publicizing those stories, the customer success team has critical insights into the customer’s health. Integrating Gainsight with the only 100% Salesforce native customer advocate management solution, ReferenceEdge, makes for a powerful alliance.

With the integration, your teams can:

-- Maintain complete, up-to-date customer reference information for use by Sales and Marketing

-- Leverage customer reference activity as part of your Health score in Gainsight. An uptick in reference activity or nomination within ReferenceEdge feeds into the Health score calculation.

-- Use trends in Health score to update customer reference status. A drop in Health score automatically deactivates a referenceable account from consideration for reference activities.

-- Access complete customer reference profile information from within Gainsight

The integration between ReferenceEdge and Gainsight ensures both teams’ activities are better informed, coordinated through automation that creates a better customer experience, and ensures that customer successes are amplified to fuel your company’s growth.