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TaskRay is designed to help mid-market and enterprise companies in every industry master customer onboarding, arguably the most critical phase of every customer journey. 

With TaskRay, businesses can automatically kick off new customer projects from Salesforce; access purpose-built, and fully customizable, templates to manage repeatable processes; and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Launching in Spring 2020, TaskRay’s Gainsight integration will allow a seamless flow of TaskRay’s customer onboarding health scores into Gainsight, giving CS teams everything they need to take a proactive approach to customer success. The integration will also enable CS teams to capture target go-live dates and Desired Outcomes from the sales person during the handoff between Sales and Onboarding. Because, the more CSMs know about the customer coming their way, the better prepared they are to provide each customer with the right level of support at exactly the right time. 

  • CSMs get the data and insights they need to determine what success plays to run.
  • Insight into customer behavior and onboarding hiccups and wins allows CSMs to accurately adjust health scores and churn predictions.
  • Companies can significantly reduce churn and increase second order revenue opportunities.

Want to learn more about how TaskRay can help your company achieve customer success? Download our eBook on perfecting your handoffs or schedule a call with a member of our team. We’re here to help!