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ThunderAct is a SaaS (cloud-hosted) self service platform enabling customer driven enterprises to automatically and continuously analyze the impact and performance of their business-critical decisions hidden in all customers' interaction digital channels. As a customer-driven enterprise, you always want to know everything about your customer from start to end. Unfortunately, there's just not enough time during the day to be part of every customer call, of every meeting and to track all activities others in the organization are having with your customer. Customer facing teams need to stay on top of things, expect changes, adapt to changes, prepare for emerging trend and show domain knowledge to gain the customer's trust. ThunderAct empowers you to learn about trends, risks and opportunities across all customers so you can own your customers and business success. With ThunderAct, you’ll understand customer needs, challenges, and concerns before they become a problem, allowing you to be proactive in addressing them. With this information you’ll be able to engage your entire team in a customer-first culture, helping you reach customer success. With ThunderAct integrated with Gainsight, Customer Success interactions are recorded alongside other teams’ customer engagements allowing a comprehensive view of cross-organizational insights. You’ll be able to drill down to the insights, learn which accounts are influencing, or are influenced by, and learn which actions are being done across the organization. By integrating ThunderAct and Gainsight you’ll be able to:
  1. Include account’s information in ThunderAct analysis
  2. Include Timelines and Timeline activities in ThunderAct analysis
  3. Identify business insights across all your customers interactions in Gainsight and in other tools
  4. Create multiple analysis scopes representing different business needs
  5. Take actions with the wider company’s team in handling the business insights found