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Topline Strategy is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in strategic customer experience and market strategy for B2B Tech businesses.

At Topline Strategy, our specialty is understanding what is truly important to customers and then translating that understanding into actionable recommendations to increase cross-sell, upsell, and retention while driving deeper long-term customer alignment.

For nearly 20 years, through our Strategic Customer Experience (StrategicCX) practice, we have conducted thousands of customer interviews and executed hundreds of customer surveys on behalf of our clients. We turn our research-driven insights into concrete plans that enable our clients to generate hundreds of millions to billions in additional revenue and market capitalization.

For Gainsight customers, Topline can help take Customer Success programs to the next level by operationalizing customer insights into playbooks, success plans, and more. We work with clients to build world-class listening programs and help the entire organization leverage customer insights, from the CSM team to Sales, Product, Support, and Services.

Visit us at to learn more about Topline Strategy and our Customer Success and Experience services including:

  • Customer Success/CX Capabilities Assessments
  • Voice of the Customer Programs
  • Retention Analysis
  • Early Experience Analysis
  • Goal-based Customer Journey and Playbook Development
  • Customer Success/CX Training for All Stakeholders from Executives to CSMs

Also, read our research report Best Practices that Set CX Leaders Apart, which is based on in-depth feedback from 45 Customer Success and Experience executives at B2B technology companies.