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Wootric’s Enterprise Customer Feedback Management solution reaches end-users in-app to measure NPS, CSAT, CES and other insights.

Amplify your Customer Experience efforts with Wootric.

Wootric is modern software for measuring and boosting customer happiness. Wootric tracks proven CX metrics -- Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT/PSAT) and Customer Effort Score -- with high-response micro-surveys delivered via in-app web, mobile and email. Survey responses integrate seamlessly with Gainsight in real-time. View aggregate feedback and analytics in the Wootric dashboard where machine-learning provides insights from qualitative data that will drive retention and guide improvements to CX. See our 5-star reviews on G2Crowd and the Salesforce AppExchange.

Wootric’s flexible, lightweight solution complements Gainsight by delivering next-level Voice of Customer insight to CSMs and aligning everyone in your company around end-user success. Wootric & Gainsight use cases include:

-- Enrich account health data in Gainsight with Net Promoter Score feedback from end users. Survey end users inside your product with in-app NPS surveys. See this critical VoC data in Gainsight. Analyze aggregate feedback in Wootric.

-- Gather end user feedback at customer journey points using Gainsight workflows. For example, trigger an in-app NPS survey 30 days before account renewal or an in-app PSAT survey when a user upgrades to a new feature set. Results flow into Gainsight reports in real-time so CSMs can take quick and informed action.

-- Pinpoint areas for improving the onboarding experience with Customer Effort Score surveys. Ask “How easy was it to___?” via in-app web, mobile, or email surveys.

-- Enable segmented analysis of VoC feedback and metrics by enriching Wootric with contact and account attributes from Gainsight. Pass properties such as plan type, region, company size to Wootric for deeper insight.

-- Use machine learning to unlock insights from large volumes of qualitative feedback. Combine all sources of VoC data -- Gainsight, support, user community, social -- in Wootric for auto-categorization and sentiment analysis. Surface and track feedback themes based on what is important in your industry. Analyze a unified Voice of Customer perspective to guide improvements to customer experience.