User Analytics and Product Engagement to Help You Drive Growth

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The Most Customer-Centric User Analytics And Product Engagement Platform

Gainsight PX enables you to deeply understand what users are doing in your product, collect feedback, and create in-app engagements like walkthroughs and guides to drive onboarding and adoption.

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Digital-Led User Engagements

Drive Positive User Behavior

Deliver contextual engagements that compel users to take the actions that drive value.

  • Communicate with targeted users across channels with in-app guides and email engagements powered by your product.

  • Drive adoption and expand use cases of your product with user guides, tooltips & walkthroughs triggered at key moments.

  • Surface the right content and support to your users across different areas of your product with unique Knowledge Center Bots

  • Personalize the experience with robust segmentation, targeting controls and advanced nurturing logic.
Digital-Led User Engagements
Product Analytics

Product Analytics

A Fitness Tracker For Your Product

Understand your users, product and opportunities to increase performance.

  • See product usage and insights with real-time data & session tracking – to the second.

  • Gain clairvoyance on your user’s journey, adoption patterns, areas of friction and drop-offs with powerful OOTB journey visualizations

  • Drill down and discover features that make an impact with detailed cohort, adoption, retention analysis and a powerful query builder.

  • Conduct more segmented analysis to analyze usage by industry, persona, project, etc. by creating global super properties.

Architecture & Instrumentation

Grow with Confidence

Launch new products. Introduce new channels. Rapidly expand your users and increase adoption.

  • The Gainsight PX architecture was designed to manage a high volume and velocity of events, similar to real-time banking.

  • Gain a complete picture by deploying Gainsight PX across all web-based, mobile and desktop applications.

  • Map your product instantly and achieve pure data-accuracy with our proprietary Product Tree and intelligent Auto-Suggest mode.

  • Remain compliant and safe with our enterprise grade security and compliance standards.
Architecture & Instrumentation
User Feedback & Sentiment

User Feedback & Sentiment

Collect Meaningful Feedback

Scale the feedback you collect across your entire user base.

  • Increase the amount of feedback you collect by delivering a multitude of survey types directly from your product.

  • Take your understanding of customer satisfaction with built-in NPS, Customer Effort Score, Ratings and Boolean surveys.

  • Gather direct input to guide your decisions through pointed multi-question surveys with open text options.

  • Control your survey deployment with the same powerful segmentation, controls and logic as all other engagements PX offers.

Why Gainsight?

Limitless Across Applications

With Gainsight PX you can analyze and engage users across Web, Mobile, & Desktop apps.

Advanced Product Modeling

Map your product using parent-child relationships, independent of feature naming conventions & URLs

Extreme Data Accuracy

Intelligent auto-suggestions eliminates data redundancies found by using alternative solutions that require manual work.

Deeper Product Analytics

Compare cohorts and drill down into-feature level retention analysis all in real-time.

More Control over Engagements

Our built-in nurturing and throttling rules keeps you in control and helps you prioritize engagements.

World Class Security Measures

Gainsight PX meets all the requirements your security and compliance teams have.