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Actionable Success: How to Exponentially Multiply your Success with the Human-First Success Equation

Speakers: Dana Soza

Session Abstract

To be Human-First in Customer Success means expanding the singular focus of a customer’s success, to multiplying that success for all humans you work with. In this lightning talk we’ll explore the interrelation between three equations:

· Gainsight’s Customer Success Equation: CO + CX = CS
· Dana’s Employment Success Equation: RO + RX = RS
· Dana’s Human-First Success Multiplier…

This lightning talk will show you how to use Dana’s Human-First Success Multiplier to achieve success and exponential growth for you, your employer, and, ultimately, every human that interacts with your organization–your team, your direct reports, your manager, your cross-functional teammates; plus partners, vendors, board of directors, investors, and shareholders.

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