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After The Final Session: The Working Parents of Customer Success Tell All

Speakers: Emilia D'Anzica, Sabina Pons, Evan Williams, Arjun Devgan

Session Abstract

For our final session, we follow one of the most dramatic times in Customer Success history—the Work From Home season. From home offices to kitchen commutes, parents in the Customer Success profession had to balance it all: conference calls, tablet school, and the ongoing success of their clients. A career in CS means you are naturally in it for all the right reasons, but what are the reasons parents overcame 2020’s challenges and even rose to victory?

Join Customer Success thought leaders and moms in tech, Emilia D’Anzica and Sabina Pons, for an inspiring session on how to balance parenting and customer success. Unlike finding love on a reality show, you’ll see that there’s a high probability of achieving success with clients and kids alike! Join this power duo to hear tips on resilience, allyship, and power skills for crushing the customer journey at work and the kid journey at home.

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