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Are You Still Watching? Day One Closing Keynote

Speakers: Nick Mehta, Mindy Kaling, Bernie Kassar, Janine Sneed, Kellie Capote, Jean Nairon, Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, Alyson Watson, Robin Merritt

Session Abstract

You wouldn’t stop a show before the last episode would you? Of course not! Click “Continue” to join us as we wrap up Day One season-finale style.

First, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta will sit down with special guest Mindy Kaling to discuss diversity, career success, and how to build your brand. Then industry leaders from IBM, Xactly, and Salesforce will dig into CS career trends—from building out careers, to compensation, to scaling your team. Modern Health will join us to share how we can take care of mental health together and we’ll close it out with examples of how Gainsight is investing in the future of customer success and the technology behind it. We’ll see you there!

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