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Glint Guided Experience (GGE): Creating WOW customer moments at scale

Speakers: Mary Poppen, Stephanie Gerpe, Valery Skvirskaya, Thuy Koo

Session Abstract

As a follow up to last year’s discussion about how to create a WOW customer experience at scale, we will take you through the end-to-end tech touch model that is delighting our customers through a balance of scale and personalization. Customer intimacy, knowing your customer better than anyone else, is the key to identifying moments that matter with your customers and ultimately delivering a WOW experience that keeps your customers coming back. Typically, customer intimacy is attained through a high touch CSM-Customer relationship. We are going to take you through how customer intimacy can be achieved through a low touch, yet customer-centric approach.
In this session, Glint will discuss their approach for executing on this vision and the resulting customer and internal impacts.

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