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How To Hire A Customer Success Manager The Right Way

Speakers: Irit Eizips

Session Abstract

How do you ensure that you’re hiring the perfect customer success manager for the job? Hiring CSMs can be complicated. With the role itself being relatively new, sourcing applicants to fill your available customer success positions can be tricky. Building a solid customer success team is even more formidable as they entail myriads of responsibilities to secure and keep customers.

Yet, hiring a stellar customer success manager doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Irit Eizips put together a simple framework you can use to ensure you hire the right CSM.

Join us in this session to find out how to kick the process off right!

Irit will tackle how to set up the hiring process, skill sets to test, and personality traits to look for in choosing the right candidate for such a pivotal role. This session will help you put together a team of talented customer success professionals to match your unique business model and the optimal CSM practice!