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Human First in CS Starts with Yourself, Not Your Customers

Speakers: Lauren Costella

Session Abstract

Human-first in Customer Success is all about creating an environment for relationships between people to thrive. Relationships thrive when there’s authenticity, transparency and real and perceived value attained between both parties. And creating this foundation for relationships to thrive doesn’t start with knowing your customers, it starts with knowing yourself.

This may seem counterintuitive, but when we think about successful relationships, they don’t begin with the other person, they have to start with you. And just like one-to-one relationships, the same holds true for B2B and B2C organizations. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t possibly deliver customer success because you will try to be everything for everyone. As a result, you won’t deliver anything to anyone.

In this session, I’ll discuss how the best in Customer Success don’t start with the customer and “perceived best practices,” but instead they:
* Define their authentic self (have core values)
* Own “it” (i.e have a brand promise, share it transparently, and aren’t afraid that it will turn some people away)
* Deliver against both of those things, relentlessly.

We’ll compare and contrast how both organizations that have textbook best practices of “customer success” practices, and those who would fail against that scorecard can have extremely loyal customers, advocacy and growth.