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Outcome-Based Selling: Expanding Accounts Without Compromising Your Trusted Advisor Relationship

Speakers: Aaron Thompson

Session Abstract

As a Customer Success Professional, your role often requires you to work closely with other departments within your organization to bring about the best possible experience and outcomes for your customers. Aligning Sales and Customer Success teams is more critical than ever in order to ensure that your entire company is working together in the quest to deliver an amazing customer experience and improve retention.

In this lightning talk, Aaron will explain the pillars of Outcome-Based Selling. He tackles the following questions:

* How do you sell and deliver what something DOES, not what something IS?
* What is the best way to align Sales and CS with what the Customer ultimately cares most about?
* How do you pursue expansion opportunities without compromising your relationship?
* How do you effectively aid the mind shift to an outcome-based mindset?

If you’re a CSM, Account Manager, or Sales professional and you want to learn how to expand accounts and drive net-new revenue without negatively affecting your relationship with your customer, join this insightful lightning talk on Outcome-Based Selling.

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