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Real-World Outcomes: How Uber Eats Leverages Technology to Power Outcomes Across the Customer Lifecycle

Speakers: Michel Bardawil

Session Abstract

While the type of customers in your base and the post-sale journey may be different for many businesses, one thing remains constant: you need to deliver tangible business outcomes to your customers, or you’ll run a high risk that they’ll churn come their next renewal. But in order to deliver value, you need to understand what your customers desired outcomes are across their journey and align your entire organization around the customer’s success.

In this session, Michel Bardawil, Global Head of Merchant Growth Systems, will share how UberEats has tackled the challenge of delivering real-world outcomes to their customers during a time of rapid growth. The session will cover:
• Strategies for mapping out your customers’ post-sales journey, and the value you need to deliver at each stage
• Tips to leverage technology to drive the highest impact across lifecycle stages
• Best practices for aligning key stakeholders around your customer’s outcomes through technology

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