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Accelerate Your Career

Discover best practices to build your team, manage your customers proactively, and accelerate your career in Customer Success and Product Management.

Inspire Customer Centricity

Hear from innovative leaders who have fostered executive alignment, led transformational change, and inspired customer-centricity across their organizations.

Build Products Customers Love

Find out how top product leaders are making more usable, impactful products through deep analytics and dynamic in-app engagement.

Pulse Everywhere 2020 Sessions

Keynote Sessions

Gainsight keynotes will get you virtually Fired Up! Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, will talk about trends in CS and how we can all thrive through COVID-19. Then GameChangers from Gainsight and many other companies will share how CS has been impacted by COVID-19 and how their businesses are responding to it.

Day 1 Opening Keynote

In true Gainsight fashion, this opening keynote will get you virtually Fired Up! Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, will talk about trends in CS and how we can all thrive through COVID-19. Then, GameChangers from Gainsight, ADP, Splunk, and Citrix...

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Day 1 Closing Keynote

See what’s on The Horizon at Gainsight! Watch the full replay of our Pulse Everywhere Product Keynote and future roadmap with Chief Product Officer Karl Rumelhart.

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Day 2 Opening Keynote

Let’s discuss how we’re surviving and thriving while sheltering-in-place. We’ll hear from leaders from DocuSign, Mapbox, VTS Intellishift, Adobe, and PTC talk about how they moved quickly to get their teams set-up and thriving despite some very full houses.

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Day 2 Closing Keynote

To close out Pulse Everywhere, this keynote features game changing powerhouses from Salesforce, Cisco, IBM, and Tableau. In spite of an unpredictable world these days, there are still silver linings all across CS and in business.

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Track 1: The Next Level CS Team

Best practices to build your team, manage your customers and stakeholders proactively, prioritize more effectively, and accelerate your career in one of the fastest growing professions around.

Managing Uncertainty: Why Customer Success is Existential

Now more than ever, SaaS leaders are intensely focused on retention strategies to minimize churn. We’ve surveyed CEOs, CFOs, and...

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Building Accountability Through Healthscores, KPIs and Processes

Customer churn is a challenge that all companies face, especially in times of economic uncertainty. At Flatiron Health, even in...

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Managing Uncertainty: Building a CS Org to Handle Scale and Unpredictability

Business growth is all about rapid iteration and change. What does that mean for your customers? What does a successful...

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Tackle Your Long-Tail: How 8×8 Scaled CS Through a Holistic Tech-Touch Strategy

Servicing your top customers has an easy answer — high touch. But how do you manage your long tail of...

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Managing Uncertainty: How Glint Delivers a WOW Experience at Scale via a Non-CSM-Managed Model

In times of uncertainty, customers gravitate towards companies that treat them more than just a number. Customer intimacy; knowing your...

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How to Deliver Quick Wins and Sustained Value Through Your Customer Success Platform

Successfully driving change management and longterm enablement of a new software requires thoughtful, tactical planning. Luckily, Greenhouse’s Operations Team is...

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Track 2: The Transformational CS Leader

Hear from some of the most innovative leaders in customer success on how they've fostered executive alignment, led transformational change, and inspired customer-centricity across their organizations.

End-to-End Success: How Splunk Integrates Value Across Sales, CS, and Product

Come to this session to learn how to make Customer Success a company imperative. We will share insights on how...

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The Tableau Blueprint: Driving Outcomes Around a Maturity Model

Delivering outcomes for customers requires providing your team with a prescriptive approach to value delivery. At Tableau, the challenge was...

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Managing Uncertainty: Reducing Revenue Leakage through Optimized Renewals

During times when the future is hard to plan for, it’s best to rely on what you already know. This...

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My 3rd Ride With Gainsight And What I’ve Learned

Find out what Jill Favro Sawatzky, VP of Customer Success & Advocacy at Commvault, has learned in the process of...

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CX Insights: Turning NPS Feedback Into Insights For Our C-Suite Through Effective Storytelling

The value from your CX initiatives stems from the actions you can drive from your insights. That requires turning disparate...

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Customer Success In The Channel: How VMware Operationalizes Outcomes For Partners And Customers At Scale

Working with partners can be a critical channel to drive additional sales and to scale. However, while this approach creates...

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Track 3: The Data-Driven Product Leader

How innovative product leaders are making more usable, impactful products through analytics and in-app engagement.

Managing Uncertainty: How to Focus Your Product Strategy

No matter the environment, scaling companies don’t fail because they lack ideas – they fail when they can’t hone in...

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Driving Adoption by Scaling In-App Guidance Capabilities Across Your Team

With Adobe’s incredible growth over the past five years, the need for intelligent in-product guidance has become a critical component...

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What Does Being “Data-driven” Mean and How To Do It With Gainsight PX

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The right tool for the job?” It reminds us that when we spend the...

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Day in the Life of a Product Leader: How I Drive Sustained Adoption with Gainsight PX

Just like a joke that gets a belly-laugh or the perfect plate of nachos, product analytics are meant to be...

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Analytics 201: The Reports you Need to Advance as a Product Leader

How do you make decisions in a time of uncertainty? By basing your decisions on data. Join us for a...

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Driving End-to-End Success For Your New Feature Launch With Gainsight PX

Launching a new feature is exciting, but the fear of failure can also be daunting. The key to ensuring success...

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Track 4: The CS Operations Summit

Connect with groundbreaking operations professionals as they share how they've scaled customer success, built an operations engine, and tackled common challenges with data, technology, and more.

Change Management 101: How Athena Health Drove Gainsight Adoption and ROI

Getting your CFO to approve financing a CS Operations team and toolset is the first hurdle. Now how do you...

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Set Up for Success: Building a CS Organization and Setting Up Your Team to Win

Building a CS organization at a fast-growing company can be a daunting task. In this session, learn how has...

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The Importance of Tech Touch in a Distributed World

COVID has impacted the business world rapidly, and quick communication is more important than ever. In this session, you’ll receive...

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How PTC Launched a Pooled CS Model in Gainsight to Deliver Outcomes at Scale

Once you have developed a delivery framework for Customer Success – how do you scale that service across your entire...

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Leaders are Better Together: Why strong CS + Ops partnership at the top is a key ingredient to successful transformation

Han Solo & Chewbacca. Scooby-Doo & Shaggy. Batman & Robin…Great pairs make great things happen. When it comes to leading...

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How to Scale Onboarding Through Journey Orchestration

Workday’s Customer Success Enablement team had been building a tech-touch program that scales CS and increases product adoption in Gainsight....

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Track 5: Gainsight Innovation Showcase

Understand Gainsight's 2020 product and platform vision. Our product team will dive deep on amazing new features and coming enhancements in these roadmap and upgrade sessions.

Gainsight Platform Innovation

This session unveils core Gainsight platform Innovations. Powerful new Integrations, new data processing paradigms all of it using Gainsight’s new...

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Show Me the Money with Customer Cloud!

Strong outcomes lead to less churn, on time renewals, and expansion. Yet, even the healthiest customers need help. They could...

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Thank you, NXT: An Admin’s Perspective on Upgrading to Gainsight’s New Platform

Two Gainsight Admins share their experience upgrading their environment to Gainsight’s new platform, NXT, including why they chose to upgrade,...

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Partner Innovation Theater

Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers
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The Marriage of Customer Value and Customer Success
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5 Simple Steps to a Successful VoC Program
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Go Build Your Empire – How to Attract the Right Collaborators, Prove your ROI, Expand, and Repeat
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How to Reframe Customer Success From the Outside-In
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Customer Success in a Distributed World
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Transforming Microsoft Success: Focus on Net Retention Rate
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Why Customer Success and Experience are More Important Now Than Ever
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Effective Management in CS (or How NOT to be a Micromanager)
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The State of Customer Success 2020
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Product + Customer Success: Partners in Customer-Centricity
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