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Go Build Your Empire – How to Attract the Right Collaborators, Prove your ROI, Expand, and Repeat

Speakers: Matt Lawson - Online Community Manager, HigherLogic

Session Abstract

As the new online community manager and sole staff member dedicated to the online community for Genesys, a company with nearly 10k employees and 11k customer companies, Matt Lawson’s first directive from management was, “Go Build Your Empire.” Hear how he doubled engagement in Genesys’ community across key metrics within a year of taking the role.

Speaker: Matt Lawson
Online Community Manager

Matt’s career path has taken him through teaching, sales, marketing, IT, and now, community management. His well-rounded background lends itself to his creative approach as the community manager for Genesys, a SaaS-based customer experience platform. He developed a Q&A Show to answer customer support questions at scale and in a relatable way.