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How to Reframe Customer Success From the Outside-In

Speakers: Justin Zacks - Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Method Garage

Session Abstract

Driving a company-wide customer experience initiative is a daunting challenge. Yet, as a customer success leader, it comes with the territory. Join Justin Zacks from Method Garage to learn how customer success leaders are using journey mapping and design thinking to reorient their companies around the customer perspective, and achieve a more proactive approach to customer success.

Speaker: Justin Zacks
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Method Garage

After stints in psychology, HR, IT services and product management, Justin found his professional calling at a Stanford bootcamp on design thinking. He has since become a sought after expert in human-centered design, customer experience, and customer success transformation. Justin spends his time running Method Garage, mentoring startups and sheltering in place with his family in Boulder, CO.