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Project Glue: Building Feature Stickiness Via Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies

Speakers: Frederick Motte, Sr. Director of Customer Success, Software AG
Susanne Khatib, Customer Marketer, Software AG

Session Abstract

Product teams everywhere face the universal challenge of improving product adoption. In an effort to tackle this at TrendMiner, a cross-departmental task force was developed and the initiative was called Project Glue. Aptly named, the goal of the project was to improve product stickiness through a variety of engagement strategies.

As a key component of Project Glue’s mission, the team needed a multi-channel onboarding program that guided users through crucial steps within the software and helped draw in dropped off users on an automated basis. To execute this, TrendMiner’s Customer Success Operations team utilized Gainsight CS/PX functionality to create emails, in-app tours, webinars, and surveys to help guide new users to success. In this session, we’ll show how this self-service onboarding program was developed and what we learned along the way.

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