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Best Practices

Hear experienced product leaders share strategies to drive conversions, boost engagement, and drive revenue.

Creative Ideas

Learn what product innovators are doing to unify experiences, cultivate advocates, and build roadmap to delight users.

Winning Strategies

Get insights on the tools and tech that can equip you to be more customer-centric, make data-driven decisions, and fuel growth.

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Pulse for Product 2020 Tracks and Sessions

Keynote Sessions

Gainsight keynotes will get you virtually Fired Up! Here from the best and brightest in the product world on ways to power product-led growth, put your product at the center of customer experience, and supercharge your career and tech strategy.

Day 1 Opening Keynote

Kick off Pulse for Product with Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta in a fireside chat with Shishir Mehrotra, the CEO of...

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Day 2 Opening Keynote

At Gainsight, we’re known not only for the Customer Success community we’ve built, but also for our intense focus on...

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Day 3 Closing Keynote

Close out Pulse for Product with a rockstar panel of senior product leaders at Adobe (Suresh Vittal Kotha), Cloudflare (Jen...

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Level Up Your Product Strategy

On a quest to optimize your product-led growth! Hear product experienced product leaders share strategies to drive conversions, boost engagement and drive revenue

Creating a Best-in-Class Trial Experience

Delivering an exceptional trial-experience is paramount to unlocking growth and propelling the business forward when leading with the product. In...

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Driving Adoption: Identifying and Removing Friction Points in Your Product

Join Tim Lott and John Bates of Adobe to learn how Adobe’s Product, and Adoption Team drove up Product Adoption...

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Push Notifications, Emails, and Texts – OH MY! How to Retain Your Users Without Overwhelming Them

In a world constantly begging for attention, how do we retain users and keep them coming back for more? If...

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Introducing Product-Led Growth to a High-Touch Organization: A Story from Infobip

Join Ana Zrno, Group Product Manager at Infobip, as she walks through the introduction of product-led growth in an enterprise...

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When Intuition Isn’t Enough: Using Data to Build Products at Scale

Data, insights and their interpretation are key to the success of products. They help product teams understand broader trends and...

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Build for better: How Leading Organizations Use Technology to Stay Agile and Outpace the Competition

Leading digital organizations are nearly 200% more likely to report that team members can access the data they need directly,...

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Deepening Cross-Functional Relationships to Level Up Your Product Strategy

B2B SaaS product strategy’s best-kept-secret might be sitting right under your nose. Your counterparts in sales and customer success can...

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Introduction to Product Led Growth

Product-led growth is a disruptive go-to-market strategy adopted by the most successful companies in the subscription business. In this session...

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Track 2: Level Up Your Customer Experience

CX is the name of the game. Learn what product innovators are doing to unify experiences in and out of the product, cultivate advocates, and build roadmap to delight users.

Releases & Launches That Delight Your Users

So you’ve got a great roadmap of new capabilities on track for delivery. Now what? Join us as we delve...

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How monday.com Mastered PLG to Drive Customer Experience

monday.com has tripled its paying customer base year over year, three years in a row. A key component of that...

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Using In Product Experience to Drive Growth

Join Yariv Zur, VP, Product at Anodot, to learn how to leverage in-product experience to experiment and fine tune your...

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Driving Raving Fans: How Gong Built a Product to Drive High User Satisfaction

Customers love Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform and they can’t stop talking about it in their NPS surveys and public review...

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How to Create Powerful In-App Engagement

Have you ever wondered ‘Are my engagements powerful?’ The road to a suite of powerful engagements can be rocky. In...

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Creating an Effective Onboarding Experience at Scale via The Product

With virtually non-existent barriers to cancelling subscriptions in SaaS, there is a strong need for successful onboarding as users can...

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Track 3: Level Up Your Team and Career

Evolve your career. Join a track completely focused on improving your skills, your team, and your internal alignment - no matter where you're starting form.

Panel: Why and How Product Teams are Increasingly Working with Customer Success

In sales-lead and product-led organizations alike, the partnership between Product and Customer Success is critical. Both teams are ultimately tasked...

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Building Awesome Product Teams

Great products are great because of the teams that build them. But what makes a Product team great and how...

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Navigating Bias and Embracing Inclusivity with a Growth Mindset

Every time we encounter biases in our workplaces, we are faced with deciding on how to approach them. Do we...

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Track 4: Level Up Your Product Stack

It's dangerous to go alone. Learn about the technologies that can equip you to be more custom-centric, make data-driven decisions and fuel growth.

Integrations that Help Measure Customer Experience and Accelerate Customer Onboarding Success

Every product and business leader looks for ways to measure customer experience, accelerate adoption and improve customer retention of their...

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Level Up Your Product Using Behavioral Analytics

Making data-driven decisions is the foundation of a successful product strategy. Product analytics is a new flavor in the analytics...

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