Case Study: Digital Experience Platform Image

Case Study: Digital Experience Platform

Digital Experience Platform Builds Trust Among Customers With Holiday Readiness Program

The Digital Experience Platform featured in this case study drives businesses forward through e-commerce websites, including campaign sites and content hubs. Their busiest and most lucrative time of year is during the holiday season. However, when this time rolled around, the company did not have a strategy or action plan to enable clients to be better prepared. If a customer failed during this time, they were instantly a huge risk for churn. In this case study, you’ll learn how this company used Gainsight to:

  • Merge data from disparate systems to create a single source of customer information
  • Proactively prepare customers to be successful during peak times
  • Measure and track customer health scores based on four measures: Relationship, Technical Health, Commercial Health, and Service Delivery
  • Automate outreach campaigns to at-risk customers