Customer Communications with CoPilot

Customer Success teams often don’t have enough time in the day to drive personalized communication at scale. With the arrival of Gainsight CoPilot, teams can now launch automated outreach natively from within Gainsight using key customer health metrics such as product usage, survey results, and lifecycle stage. Gainsight CoPilot is the first lifecycle communications solution built exclusively for Customer Success teams.

Why download?

This whitepaper provides a step-by-step outline of how you can use Gainsight CoPilot to engage with more customers at scale. A brief intro outlines why Customer Success teams need an automated outreach system based on key customer health metrics.

  • Automated Outreach: Improve scale and efficiency
  • Outreach Analytics: Understand outreach with powerful reporting
  • Email Templates: Use WYSIWYG template designer with personalized data