[Infographic] Diagnosing Churn Image

[Infographic] Diagnosing Churn

We surveyed a panel of more than 100 subscription businesses to discover the impact of customer churn and reveal Customer Success best practices. This infographic summarizes the survey findings, reavling that companies with a dedicated Customer Success team have a 24% lower churn rate than companies without Customer Success.

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Think of customer churn as something that results in a doctor’s visit, like recurring migraines or high cholesterol. It’s painful, annoying, and won’t go away. While the cause of your company’s churn ailment might be indiscernible to the untrained eye, a professional Customer Success Manager can monitor, diagnose, and prevent churn much like a doctor treats high cholesterol with a Rx.

  • What is the best way to monitor churn?
  • How should you treat churn and are there any cures?
  • How frequently should you calculate the churn metrics?