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Renewal Center

Put an End to Revenue Leakage

If you run a subscription business, you understand how critical revenue predictability is. Knowing which renewals are non-events versus which ones are at-risk helps you build highly accurate forecasts as well as allocate your team’s time optimally. Plus, having deep visibility into where and why you’re losing money every quarter helps you fix broken processes and close every dollar. Despite all of these benefits, however, gaining a high level of control over your renewals remains a challenge with current systems — and that’s why we built Renewal Center.

Gainsight Renewal Center helps you deeply understand your renewals business and close every renewal on-time by:

  • Using machine learning to predict which renewals are most likely to close
  • Generating renewals forecasts and realtime reporting on progress against goals
  • Visualizing the status of open renewals along with customer insights in one centralized dashboard
  • Enabling analysis of revenue leakage, drilling down into at-risk renewals, and identifying gaps in data
  • And much more