CX Center Datasheet Image

CX Center Datasheet

Understand and improve your B2B customer experience with CX Center

The world we live and work in is rapidly shifting every day and it’s more important than ever that we’re finding innovative ways to collaborate and better listen to our customers. Only a small fraction of companies that collect feedback actually act on it, and it’s that neglect that leads to dissatisfied customers and churn.

CX Center is built for B2B companies and is the hub for all of your customer experience activities. In this datasheet, you’ll learn how CX Center helps customer-focused companies:

  • Align around a single source of CX data
  • Identify what matters most to customers using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Enrich CX data by pulling in sentiment from multiple channels
  • Prove your impact with board-worthy reports
  • And more

In a time where we cannot afford to lose customers, we need to be diligent, leaving no feedback behind. With CX Center, you’ll have the power to listen to, act on, and analyze customer feedback so you can nurture lifelong customers.