CSM Practice

Scale your high-touch Customer Success approach using Gainsight and CSM Practice expertise to automate playbooks

Meet this Partner

Transform your organization with strategic Gainsight Customer Success Services from CSM Practice.

CSM Practice is a management consulting & technology services firm. We partner with our clients’ organizations by providing strategic, technology-enabled Customer Success solutions. CSM Practice has successfully been working with companies like Tint, Pendo, and BloomReach to turn their Gainsight and Customer Success visions into reality since 2014.

Our unique service offerings are geared to help you unlock the full potential of Gainsight. We leverage our technical knowledge and Customer Success expertise to map your Customer Success vision to your Gainsight implementation roadmap in the most effective and optimized manner.

CSM Practice offers a range of Gainsight solutions to kick your digital and on-demand engagement models into high gear. Over the years, we developed expertise in enabling Advanced Outreach email campaigns and customer surveys in a way that increases client engagement levels. These initiatives are data-driven in nature, and if you have any MDA initiatives you’d like to expedite, CSM Practice has the experts to accelerate your projects.

You can scale your high-touch Customer Success approach using Gainsight and CSM Practice expertise to automate playbooks. Strategic Customer Success managers become more proactive with well-designed health scores. They need calls-to-action and playbooks that leverage email assist functionality to be more efficient. Most importantly, CSM practice works with strategic Customer Success teams to drive better transparency and improve handoff processes as well as cross-functional collaboration.

Finally, to truly get the most out of your Gainsight investment across your entire organization, CSM Practice will work with each and every one of your client-facing teams to drive efficiency and a cohesive client experience across your organization.

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