Align your company on one definition of the customer

  • Finally standardize all parts of your business on one shared definition of the customer

  • Give every team within your business the flexibility to own the piece of the customer that matters to them without breaking a centralized definition

  • Present the relevant perspective - and only the relevant perspective - of the customer to each team across your business


Leverage a pre-built database and architecture to go from customer data to customer insights, fast

  • Represent all the ways your company does business with a customer without building a customer model from scratch

  • Integrate your data into a platform that was built to handle customer data in all its formats; from batched CRM data to streaming product telemetry data and everything in-between

  • Don’t recreate the wheel by designing a customer database architecture - rather focus on extending an existing purpose-built architecture for your organization


Use powerful tools to automate insight generation - no code needed

  • Automate data preparation processes with a point-and-click engine that can conduct over 15 types of transformations on large volumes of data, all through in-memory processing

  • Explore and validate your data through a graphical interface that can combine and visualize different data sets to make it easy to prepare data for use by the business

  • Design and automate a scorecard that translates trends in data to indicators of customer health

  • With a complex CS org and multiple Sales teams, it’s incredibly important to have stellar communication and one consistent view of the customer from A-Z. Gainsight gives us this consistency and ensures one voice of truth.

    Emily Speer Ryan Director, Customer Success Operations
  • Gainsight has made customer insight effortlessly accessible across our company. In a matter of minutes any member of the team can be equipped to interact with customers.

    Jocelyn Brown VP of Customer Success