Gainsight Closed-Loop Surveys

Gainsight Surveys are uniquely designed to drive success in your business. Automatically send surveys at the right time, drive consistent follow-up across your company, and leverage analytics to improve your customer experience. Take advantage of Gainsight Vault for pre-built best practice survey templates.

Create High-Quality Surveys in Minutes

Gainsight’s Survey Builder makes it easy for anyone to create professional, relevant surveys.

  • Choose from common question types, including out-of-the-box NPS format
  • Utilize branching logic and multiple question types to craft the perfect survey
  • Customize surveys with your company logo

Send the Right Survey at the Right Time

Send a survey once, or define criteria to regularly send surveys based on customer events, attributes, or activities.

  • Define criteria for a dynamically refreshed recipient list
  • Automatically trigger surveys after customers lifecycle events like onboarding or training
  • Deploy survey for customers using a certain products or features

Drive Engagement through Customized Emails

Increase survey response rates and drive customer delight through personalized, compelling outreach.

  • Create branded or simple email templates
  • Personalize email content by sending from a customer’s Account Manager
  • Include customer-specific data within your email

Close the Loop with Your Key Customers

Your biggest customers expect timely responses to their survey feedback. Use Gainsight survey alerts to assign follow-up playbooks across your teams.

  • Get alerted about negative survey responses to quickly manage risk
  • Get notified about positive responses to reach out for advocacy
  • Standardize playbooks for consistent follow up and easy collaboration

Leverage Analytics to Improve Your Business

Use Gainsight Survey Analytics to identify key trends and continually improve customer experience. Compare survey responses to other customer data like product usage, advocacy, growth, and region.

  • Get out-of-the-box analytics on response rates
  • Review summary reporting of survey responses
  • Export all responses for deeper analysis


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